Honor, Loyalty, and Sedition

The story thus far...
Summary of the Topaz Championship

“In the year 1201, four young samurai were brought together through the guidance of the Celestial Heavens. Bayushi Hijikata, Kakita Rokai, Tsuruchi Sokokai, and Yoritomo Arashi began their career of service to Iweko I, Divine Empress of Rokugan and the former Ivory Kingdoms, as competitors in the Topaz Championship. They impressed many with their abilities, but no single feat could compare to the rescue of their fellow competitors in the forest outside Tsuma from a maho-tsukai who had been posing as young member of the Crab delegation. The blasphemer was destroyed, and they discovered Kuni Fujishiro held captive in a hidden lair used by the maho-tsukai and his master. Fujishiro led the group of young samurai in thwarting the tsukai’s ultimate plan of assassinating Daigotsu Aiko, the respected head of the Spider Clan delegation at Tsuma. In the wake of these tumultuous events Kakita Rokai was favored by the Heavens, becoming the newest Topaz Champion and bringing much honor to his ancestors and the Crane.”

- Otomo Kabe, “Struggles Against a Darkness Past”


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