Akodo Ogura


Akodo Ogura was the student of the famous kensai Ikoma Okita, who was murdered by his prize pupil. Ogura is a virtuous young man, full of determination and perhaps a little sadness. His parents were killed during the Destroyer War and the Dojo became his surrogate family. He looked forward to undertaking a musha shugyo after graduating his sensei’s dojo, when news reached him that his older brother had died in a duel, and the duty to manage his family’s estates had fallen to him.

Ogura has decided that no matter what happens, he must return to his family’s estate after the Championship. He competes to honor his late sensei, but he has no intention of accepting the mantle of Topaz Champion, viewing his duty to his family greater than personal glory. Secretly he still dreams of his warrior pilgrimage, but knows that logistics will likely be his place for the rest of his life.

Ogura’s greatest strength is his devotion to his duty. He is an extremely skilled young man, and one of Okita’s best students, but Ogura has learned from a very young age to let his Honor guide him in all things. He is calm and methodical, coming to descisions quickly only on the battlefield. Ogura’s greatest weakness is an undercurrent of fatalism in his outlook on life. He believes he the demands of honor will not allow him to pursue his personal dreams, and does not attempt to follow them for that reason.

Akodo Ogura

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