Shiba Mitsuo

Shiba Mitsuo, Devoted Yojimbo


Shiba Mitsuo is a compassionate and caring young man, utterly devoted to his charge: Asako Mina. The two were childhood friends growing up in the Pale Oak Plains, and have always been close. As he grew older, Mitsuo’s feelings toward Mina became more than merely friendship and blossomed into love. He now hopes to earn the right to petition his Clan for the right to marry Mina.

Mitsuo is a skilled swordsman, and though he believes in the Phoenix ideal of pacifism, will not hesitate to help others in need with whatever means necessary. Mitsuo is a courageous and devoted warrior and has already triumphed in several deadly encounters with bandits and bakemono. Many would underestimate him, though few would do so twice.

Recently Mitsuo has been traveling through the Lion, Dragon, and Dragonfly lands protecting Mina in her duty to Kitsuki Kanjiro. They attended the wedding of Kaiu Yutaka and Akodo Nishi where Mitsuo honored the Oath of Shiba to the Isawa by temporarily serving as Isawa Serizawa’s yojimbo during a confrontation with an Ianwa no Oni.

Shiba Mitsuo

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