Shinjo Kimiko

Shinjo Scout


Earth 3 (Stamina 3, Willpower3) Water 3 (Strength 3, Perception 3) Fire 2 (Agility 2, Intelligence 2) Air 4 (Reflexes 4, Awareness 4) Void 3

Advantages: Paragon of Honor (Mental, 7 Points), Forbidden Knowledge: Kolat
Disadvantages: Ascetic (Mental, 2 Points), Momoku (Spiritual, 8 Points), Dark Secret: Kolat

Horse Name: Ahket


Cousin of Utaku Liriel, with whom she had a Kharmic Bond. After Liriel’s death, Kimiko sufferes from Momoku. Now she seeks her cousins companions to finnish Liriel’s work so that her spirit can rest in peace.


Shinjo Kimiko was born to Shinjo Mikio and Utaku Akitoshi on the same day as her cousin, Utaku Liriel. Although this fact would not be known until Liriel’s family returned to Unicorn lands, the two shared a kharmic tie. As children, they would visit each other often to play, and later to train. While Liriel excelled at kynjustu, Kimiko’s talent was for kyujustu. In fact, during her gempukku, Kimiko won the kyujustu portion of the event.
After their gempukku ceremony outside of Shiro Shinjo, they were forced to part ways as Liriel traveled to Wallaboveocean Village to train as an Emerald Magistrate. Kimiko was given a station with the unicorn army, and trained as a scout. There she made a name for herself as a tracker and scout. She was injured during a boarder skirmish with another clan, and afterward the shuginja who healed her informed Kimiko that she would never be able to have children due to her injury.

Luckily, Kimiko was on leave from her duties when her cousin was married to Kakita Iogama. Afterward, she returned to service with the Unicorn army, but soon after was struck a severe spiritual blow though her kharmic tie to Liriel. Kimiko knew almost immediately that her cousin was dead, and begged her superior to give her leave to uncover the fate of her family member. After receiving permission, she learned from her family where Liriel was supposed to be and set out at a breakneck pace towards the Crane castle where her cousin had been headed. She feels through the kharmic imbalance left by Liriel’s death, that her cousin has a great unfulfilled duty and that Liriel will not be able to rest in the afterlife until it is finished.

An Unfulfilled Oath

Shinjo Kimiko

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