Shosuro Hajime

Shosuro Hajime, Noble Shinobi


Shosuro Hajime was born the only son and eldest child of Shosuro Shindo and Doji Aika. His father was the ruler of a village hidden in the Spine of the World Mountains, whose sole purpose was the training of shinobi. Hajime grew up a serious and disciplined child, fully prepared and eager for the responsibilities his station would bring. Hajime takes his duties very seriously, knowing in the future the lives of many will rely upon him, and the continued existence of his village will be in his hands.

Shindo has begun to prepare for his retirement, and soon Hajime will replace him. His most recent assignment is as yojimbo to Bayushi Hijikata, the student of Shindo’s close friend Shosuro Takashi. The older men hope to renew the close association between themselves and to pass that good relationship on to their successors.

Shosuro Hajime

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