Tsuruchi Kojiro (Deceased x 2)

Mantis Tsuruchi Daigotsu Dead



Earth (Stamina , Willpower ), Water (Strength , Perception ), Fire (Agility , Intelligence ), Air (Reflexes , Awareness ), Void


Earth 4 (Stamina 4, Willpower 4), Water 5 (Strength 5, Perception 5), Fire 3 (Agility 4, Intelligence 3), Air 4 (Reflexes 6, Awareness 4), Void 3*




After Life (by Mike Edwards)

The thing once known as Tsuruchi Kojiro was thought to have been slain by the duelist Kakita Rokai at Mushi Mura, but the spark of life remained in him thanks to the strength of the Taint that infused his body. This small spark would not have been enough to save his body from cremation, but a strange twist of fate resulted in his body being rescued from destruction.

A fledgling eta maho-tsukai by the name of Taro the Ugly had pursued Kojiro’s party after it had destroyed his cult in the naga ruins above Mushi Mura. Taro hoped to gain some small revenge against the Samurai who ruined his only hope of a life better than that of an eta. When Kojiro was cut down by Rokai, Taro snuck into town meaning to raise Kojiro’s body as an undead, but instead recognized the small signs of taint on the samurai. He used his own blood to heal Kojiro and carried the still unconscious samurai out of town. Taro’s blood granted him a measure of control over Kojiro and Taro used him as a yojimbo as he went in search of the head of his former cult, a man known only as the Hooded Master.

The Hooded Master recognized Kojiro’s potential far outstripped that of Taro, and twisted Kojiro’s hatred of Taro and the monstrous injustice that had been inflicted upon him into an acceptance of his inner Taint and a burning desire for revenge. This hunger fed his will until he grew strong enough to break Taro’s will and kill him. Free from Taro at last, Kojiro’s mind had begun to to succumb to the corrupting influence of the Taint and the Hooded Master’s manipulations and he willingly entered the service of the Hooded Master. He trained Kojiro amongst the greatest of the Ashura’s Wrath bandits, and a Jigoku augmented Kojiro’s already impressive abilities as a woosman, Kojiro became a fearsome predator who hunted the pure of soul and fed on the pain and carnage he inflicted.

The Hooded Master has tasked Kojiro recently with tracking some of his former compainions. The ronin Sembi holds a particular interest to him, and his pure soul blazes like a beacon Kojiro cannot help but sense.

Tsuruchi Kojiro (Deceased x 2)

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