Utaku Liriel (Deceased)

Unicorn Clan, Utaku Battle Maiden


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Earth 3 (Stamina 3, Willpower3) Water 3 (Strength 3, Perception 3) Fire 4 (Agility 4, Intelligence 4) Air 3 (Reflexes 3, Awareness 3) Void 3

Advantages: Balance (Mental, 2 Points), Irreproachable (Mental, 2 Points), Virtuous (Mental, 3 Points), Sacred Weapon: Moto Scimitar (Martial, 6 Points), Paragon of Honor (Mental, 7 Points)
Disadvantages: Cursed by the Realm of Yume-Do (Spiritual, 4 Points), Can’t Lie (Mental, 2 Points), Gaijin Name (Social, 2 Points), Bad Fortune: Secret Love (Spiritual, 3 Points), Disturbing Countenance (Physical, )
Heritage: Illustrious Past: Ancestor: Otaku (5 Points)


Utaku Liriel’s mother was a high ranking battle maiden descended from the clan hero, Otaku. After meeting a talented horse trainer along the overland route to the Colonies, Liriel’s mother chooses to follow the ancient tradition of the Unicorn Clan and marries the Gaijin horseman. Several years later, they return to Rokugan and the Unicorn Lands with a free spirited daughter who loves to ride and fight. They had chosen to name her after her father’s mother, although that was all that he would ever reveal about his own past, even to his new family.
As a child, she was both aggressive and willful. Once, when a traveling Crane courtier brought his family on a trip to Unicorn lands, the Crane’s eldest son repeatedly mocked Liriel’s dueling stance and other martial abilities. The boy, nine years old, was caught unawares when Liriel, seven years old, headbutted him so hard that he stumbled away and feinted into a pile of horse dung. When asked what had happened, Liriel told the truth to her parents. She said that the Crane boy had insulted her honor, and she had answered his insult by showing him a crucial weakness in his own abilities, his mind.
Liriel excelled at all her martial training, and when the time came for her gempukku, she participated in the mass ceremony outside Shiro Shinjo. After receiving her sword and swearing her oaths, she took part in the Naadam and won the horse-racing portion of the event, as well as placing highly in the archery event, just behind her cousin, Shinjo Kimiko. Afterward, her Kenjutsu instructor, a half-sister of her mother, gifted her with the Moto Scimitar she currently wields. After refusing the gift the appropriate number times, she accepted it.
A letter from an important magistrate has lead her to Wallaboveocean Village, with her aunt, Utaku Osanko, and a family servant(and Liriel’s former nany)named Abusan accompanying her as a chaperon.

The Path of the Emerald Magistrate
As the new uriki of Seppun Akaji Lord of Liriel’s uncle, Moto Kogan), Liriel was tasked with uncovering the truth behind acusations that her new Lord was corrupt. With the help of Kakita Rokai, the Topaz Champion, she tracked the origin of the rumors against her master to a magistrate. There, with the help of other samurai, she discovered the plot behind these rumors of corruption, and with their help, cleared the Seppun’s name.
For many months after, Liriel served Seppun Akaji, and studied under her to become an Emerald Magistrate. When a string of seemingly random murders afflicted Wallaboveocean, Liriel spent countless hours helping the city guard form a plan to capture or kill the murderer. One night, her new patrol routs payed off, and the murderer was interrupted before he could finish his killing. Liriel and the guard chased him through the streets until cornering him in a warehouse by the docks. The murderer proved to be a highly talented archer, and killed several city guard before Liriel wounded him and he fled.
The murderer’s victim lived just long enough to reveal the clue that would explain the murderer’s intent. The murderer was searching for Kakita Rokai, Liriel’s former companion, to slay him. Upon hearing this, Seppun Akaji instructed Liriel to seek out Rokai and protect him from the murderer. Liriel swore by her honor to keep him alive, and to end murderer’s rampage.

The Hunt for Kakita Rokai
Finding Kakita Rokai in Crane lands, she explains her mission and his danger. He accepts her protection, and the two of them begin a friendship that will be tested greatly in the year to come.
Soon after, the murderer(and several other mysterious villains) kidnap another friend and spiritual mentor of Rokai’s. They demand he meet them at a shrine if he wants to see the monk live. Together, Rokai, Liriel, and Rokai’s Iajustu mentor ride out to the shrine. A to masked figures are there with the hostage, and they reveal themselves to be brothers who Rokia faced in the past. Once chalenges him to a duel for the hostage, and Rokai accepts. When his oponent seemily slays him in the duel, Liriel rides the villain down and kills him. The other masked man casts a maho spell that kills himself, Rokai’s master, and severely wounds both Liriel and her horse, Jinsokukaze.
After releasing the monk, Kagome, Liriel stands over the body of her charge. The monk begins to cry, but upon inspecting Rokai, declares that he still breaths. The two women bring Rokai back to his home city, where he rests. Waiting for him to recover, Liriel occupies her time with sparring and caring for Jinsokukaze. Once such sparring session is against the famed Kakita Iogama, a Kenshinzen. Liriel is impressed by Iogama’s talent, but is left unsettled of his intensity. The two spar again several times before Liriel must leave the city.
After his recovery, Kakita Rokai is summoned to the court of a Crane Clan Diamyo, Daidoji Jittawa no Moritsugu. Liriel asks to accompany him, as the archer who sought him is still at large. Together they make their way to Shiro Moritsugu. While there, they help solve the murder of a Tsuruchi, and Kakita Iogama shows up to test Rokai for membership into the Kenshinzen. Before the testing, Iogama spends much time with Liriel; both sparring and walking in the gardens as they talk. At the end of one such walk, he presents her with a scroll bearing a poem that one of his ancestors once wrote about one of her ancestors. He also asked her permission to write her, and she agreed.
After a stunning victory against Kakita Iogama, Rokai then agrees to another duel on the same day, representing Insert Joe’s Character’s Name‘s accusations against Yoritomo Yoshiro. The duel takes place, and Yoshiro’s stand-in is another old enemy of Rokai’s. To the surprise of all, Rokai is struck down by this Mantis. Thus, peace is between the Mantis and Crane is bought for a year, and Liriel’s mission is over.

The Marriage of a Magistrate
After completing her training with Seppun Akaji and becoming a full Emerald Magistrate, Liriel receives word from home that her parents have arranged for her to marry Kakita Iogama within the month. Liriel finds this most acceptable, as she respects Iogama for both his skill and his personality. After their wedding, Liriel continues her duties as an Emerald Magistrate in Unicorn lands while Iogama manages the household. Soon, Liriel is with child. For several months, they continue their lives together, and Liriel is even able to reconnect with her cousin, Shinjo Kimiko. Kimiko is there during the birth of Liriel and Iogama’s twins, a girl and boy.
The day after her child’s birth, Liriel is literally back in the saddle; training to regain her prowess in battle. Her child is dear to her, but when the anniversary of Kakita Rokai’s death nears, she feels she must return to Shiro Moritsugu. With their newborn in his arms, Iogama watches his wife ride towards Crane lands with a weight on his heart.

The Battle of Shiro Moritsugu

Honor, Jealousy, and Passion
After recovering from her grievous wounds(with the help of the monk who tended the shrine of Shinjo) at the hand of the abomination, Liriel was left with four scars across her face that would probably never fade. When the ronin, Sembi, and her other two companions saw her at the shrine after her injury, Liriel felt jealousy towards him spring up inside her. The ronin always seemed to act honorably no matter the circumstances, while of late Liriel had found the it more and more difficult to know the path to follow. As a descendant of Otaku, she knew she must find the honorable path and walk it, but the emotion of jealousy was still there whispering to her that it should have been her who had taken up the burden and honor of carrying and destroying the bloodsword.

The Seven Samurai
Seaching for signs of the abomination, Liriel and her companions spread out, leaving the shuginja to his spell. Only moments later, they noticed seven men coming towards them from the road. As the seven neared, one of their number stepped forward and revealed that they were the former bodyguard of Yoritomo Yoshiro. The seven were their to reclaim their honor and enact vengeance on on the three.
The fight was fast and vicious. Utaku Liriel fought bravely, but was still fatigued from her wounds at the hand of the abomination. She died at the sword of a ronin, defending another ronin, the Swordbearer, Sembi, and his sacred mission.

Mother: Utaku
Father: Moto
Husband: Kakita Iogama
Children: Utaku Hiro, Utaku Kuon
Aunts: Utaku Osanko
Uncles: Moto Kogan
Cousins: Shinjo Kimiko
Nanny: Abusan

Utaku Liriel (Deceased)

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